Custom Packs Design Process



1. Select a Package offers you efficient designer solutions for all types of businesses. Start by looking at the package options section of our website, in order to
find a package list and their features.
Make sure that you have selected the one that best suits your needs. After choosing a package, you will be redirected to our online form. The first part of the form is “personal information”.


2. Filing the Project Creative Brief

The first part of the form is “personal information”.
Please, make sure that you have filled in your full name and your
e-mail address correctly. The second part is very important for the design
and it will help us in the creation
of the perfect image for your company.
Pay special attention when filling in this part of the form.
We have to know the field of your activity, the logo style,
preferred by you,
and also your favorite colours and any ideas
(if you have any ideas in particular
for the design that you want to be created).

3. Payment Completion

Once the payment has been processed, the work on your project begins.
Our design team will work together to produce the first design concepts.

4. Receiving Initial Design Concepts/Ideas

Within a period of 12 hours you will get the chance of looking through your first design suggestions. They will be sent to you to an e-mail address provided by you after which you can give us your comments/feedback.


5. Choosing a Design Concept

After providing all design concepts (it's depend of the purchased package)
you have to choose a concept. Then you can ask for revisions - change colours, font type.


6. Revision Round

All design packages include revisions. Each revision shall be carried out if deemed necessary and if the client wished so. After receiving and commenting on the first design projects, the time we will need (if any corrections are requested) it is going to take from 12 to 24 hours after receiving the comments on the designs. In the event that there are no changes to the design requested, the time necessary for the thorough completion of the design will take up to 48 working hours. Any additional corrections excluding the packages will take from 12 to 48 working hours depending on its complexity.


7. Delivery of Final Source Files and Logo Agreement

After approving a final design concept, we deliver to you the designs in a
multiple file formats, ready to Printing and Web Use.
The final file formats are fully editable and you can make
changes/modifications on them, when you need.

The final design can be used for outdoor ad, stationery or online use.
We give you every files you need yo use your designs wherever it is needed.





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